Granny’s oil. Why is it still such a hit? A handful of facts about castor oil.

The oil, coming from India and parts of Africa, has been known in a long time as almost universal remedy for any ailment. At the time when the cosmetic marketĀ  didn’t teem with conditioning products, castor oil was commonly used as a verstaile cosmetic. We can feel free to call it a globally versatile cosmetic. Its versatility has such huge sizes that it seems endless. Here’s a list of the most important uses of castor oil:

  1. Cures acne and other skin problems
  2. Fights stretch marks
  3. Soothes results of sunburn
  4. Cures lichen
  5. Irons wrinkles and expression lines
  6. Provides body and face skin with exceptional moisturizing
  7. Reduces scars
  8. Sterilizes wounds
  9. Helps hair grow faster
  10. Helps eyebrows regrow
  11. Fights any infections of the scalp
  12. Darkens hair
  13. Rids of psoriasis
  14. Helps in nail cuticles and plates care

Depending on a problem you have, castor oil (used mainly without diluting) can be massaged into particular parts of the face, left overnignt, applied to parts which need it, rubbed and rinsed with water or used for massage. There’s one sure thing: patience pays off.

We present a sensational recipe for hair oiling:

Mix a few drops of castor oil with a drop of coconut and almond oil. Rub the mixture into the scalp doing 15-minute massage and apply the oil to the entire length of hair. Wrap your head with a towel giving the oils warm compress which they really enjoy. Play a good movie or a few episodes of your favourite TV series. Leave the mixture for minimum one hour. It would be ideal to leave it overnight and shampoo hair in the morning, than dry it and style as always. Good luck!