Natural Castor Oil. To The Rescue Of Short Hair!

It is extremely cheap, available at every chemist, incredibly efficient and full of precious properties. Castor oil has been flourishing in beauty care for years. Now, blogers are beginning to appreciate its properties and like to bring natural products back to beauty treatments.

Castor oil has been known for ages. It is extracted from the seeds of castor bean which many people have in their gardens. Its leaves are seductively red and have very attractive shape. Besides, the plant is thought to be poisonous, which isn't far from the truth. That's why, it is usually grown in gardens rather than used for medical purposes or beauty care. But the most important thing is that the oil extracted from the seeds of castor bean can bring a lot of benefits.

The label on the castor oil black bottle says that the oil is used to treat constipation. Castor oil has purgative properties but is also anti-inflammatory and antimycotic. Medical and therapeutic use for castor oil is very often mentioned in scientific articles. Not these properties are most important though.

Natural castor oil is perfect for hair and skin care. It is the ingredient of many cosmetics, soaps and even massage oils. Small amounts massaged into the skin are absorbed quickly. It has quite greasy consistency but its asset is the lack of characteristic scent. That's why it is recommended for hair care.


  1. Moisturizing – castor oil is an excellent moisturizer. It contains quite high concetration of fatty acids which are good for our hair. As a result, regular application of the oil restores proper hydration in hair and prevents water loss.
  2. Shine – it is partly connected with the previous point. After a few weeks of applying castor oil, hair gets healthy and beautiful shine. It becomes soft and thick. Castor oil also makes brushing and styling easier.
  3. Stimulation of hair growth – the most important asset of castor oil. It supports natural hair growth like no other oil. It's enough to massage it into the scalp regularly (it's not suitable for the entire length); remember to use very small amounts. It stimulates blood circulation, nourishes hair bulbs and improves their work. After only several months your hair can be a few inches longer.